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My name is Feargal Norton and this is my photography blog. I'm a photographer based in Galway in the west of Ireland who'll be posting (almost) daily images of my surroundings, and some of my travels elsewhere. Enjoy (I hope). Scroll down to the bottom of the page for archives and to connect on social media, or click on the navigation bar above. Thanks for stopping by.

Latest scamming- Trying to sell a camera on donedeal? Be wary of Deirdre, her fake son, spoof paypal emails and dodgy Nigerian addresses


I just thought it was my duty to put up my correspondence with a supposed buyer regarding an ad I placed on donedeal, which I was hoping might just result in the sale of my old camera (which is still for sale by the way-

Got a text almost immediately from the phone number +15162264496 (which ain’t like no Irish no. I’ve ever come across) asking for me to email so I could finalise the sale.

Buyer was awfully eager to buy, even without seeing the camera (alarm bells starting to ring).  They then told me how to request money to be sent in paypal, which I went along with as I was still hopeful at this stage I might have a sale on my hands (if something seems too good to be true it usually is).

Anyhow, once I sent that request in I got a confirmation email from “paypal” (a fairly convincing spoof- though a giveaway was the fact that real paypal emails go straight into my inbox yet this one went straight to junk cause of the tiniest difference in the email address) saying money had been sent and would be released once I sent the item on and gave a tracking number.  Read the rest of this page »