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The Bridges of Monaghan County (well, almost)- Tasagh Viaduct- The Castleblayney to Armagh Railway Line


Frankly, I was quite astonished to be greeted with the fine architectural specimen that is Tasagh Viaduct from the road to Armagh just the other day. ¬†I must have passed this imposing structure hundreds of times on my travels through the county yet somehow this was the first time I’d ever actually noted its presence. This info gleaned from provided me with some background on the Viaduct:

“11-arched viaduct in masonry and concrete for the Castleblayney, Keady & Armagh Railway Co., constructed in 1910 to provide a link between Armagh and the County Monaghan town of Castleblayney. However with partition in 1922, the costly necessity of customs inspections forced the line beyond Keady to close in 1923. The line to Keady eventually suffered the same fate, closing in 1932 after just 22 years.”

This forgotten architectural gem seems to have been tragically undervalued since its inception, yet it remains as a beautiful reminder of more prosperous times and a testament to the design skills and workmanship of people who saw their good work go to waste within their own lifetimes due to political disputes.

The Tasash viaduct still lends itself well to photographic pursuits yet unfortunately a locked gate at either end of the bridge stopped me enjoying the view from upon it. ¬†However, I still do think I managed to get a few shots that do this magnificent relic of the Monaghan Railway system some justice. I’ll let you be the judge.